How Sports Builds Mental And Physical Health

Besides being fun and refreshing, sports has many long term advantages that go hand in hand with your lifestyle. It controls diabetes, lowers down the cholesterol levels, improves cardiovascular health and reduces depression. It brings out the positivity in your...

/ July 20, 2017
Sports dress

Home or Gym Exercises

Exercise should be an important part of your routine if you want to stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life. If you agree, and want to start exercising, good for you. Now what’s left to decide is...

/ July 19, 2017

Managing Arthritis Pain With Fewer Pills

All the roots and barks in the world cannot offer the same level of pain relief as some opioid pain relievers. But since these medicines are quite strong, they are also very addictive, especially when used to manage chronic pain,...

/ July 15, 2017

8 Foot Care Tips for Gout Sufferers

With hundreds of combined joints, bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments in your feet, it’s no wonder that many gout attacks affect the foot - often the big toe and at times, the instep, ankle, and heel. What is particularly dangerous...

/ July 12, 2017

The 7 Myths And Truths On Calories That You Don’t Know

What is common Notion on calories Explanation to show real relation between weight and calories Importance of Metabolism Guide on how to calculate exact calorie intake for yourself Many individuals think weight loss is just about cutting calories. They believe...

/ July 9, 2017

Six Life-Changing Hiking And Walking Trips

Physical activity is good for our bodies, and it has many other benefits as well, such as reduced stress and better mood. Furthermore, travel expands our horizons and is good for our minds, and before you ask, airport layovers and...

/ July 7, 2017
How to Stay Fit and Healthy Well into Old Age

How to Stay Fit and Healthy Well into Old Age

In this modern and fast-paced life, it is important to try to live as healthily as possible. This requires conscious effort and day-to-day perseverance. Fortunately, more and more people are adopting this lifestyle. According to the report by, gym...

/ July 6, 2017
Thinking Men Building Muscles

How to Build Muscles with HGH

Overview of HGH If you are a professional or amateur athlete, fitness lover, body builder, or simply a person who loves being healthy, you must have heard about HGH already. HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, just like what its name...

/ July 1, 2017
Older Humans Take Care

Top Anti-Aging Foods Demystified

Do you remember when you were a kid, seeing adults get anything they want, they work, wear fancy suits and dresses, leads posh lifestyle, and they looked pretty stunning? But as you grew older, you get to realize that such...

/ June 26, 2017
Cross Exercises

Top Workouts That Slow Down Ageing

It is common knowledge that as the body ages, it becomes weaker and the mind less sharp. The skin loses its elasticity, the bones lose their density, muscle mass decreases and body fat increases – this is a fact of...

/ June 20, 2017