Here’s exactly what to know about Weight loss Nutrition and Metabolism

We all know that a huge number of people around the world have a problem with their weight. This could be about health and a longer life, but also physical appearance, the good looks. People often tend to blame their...

/ July 8, 2018

5 Low Calorie Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The summer is here, and with it comes the sunshine and outdoor parties. If you’re looking to throw a celebration or just spice up your usual cocktail list, here’s a list of refreshing non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails sure to bring...

/ July 6, 2018

8 Reasons Why You Should Do Low-Carbs Diet

By now, I bet you’ve heard about low-carbs diet. It’s a diet where the emphasis is put on reducing carbohydrate intakes instead of fat. If usually you are told to follow the food pyramid, with carbohydrate on the large bottom...

/ July 6, 2018

7 Probiotic Myths And Misconceptions That Need To Be Debunked

Probiotics have achieved a great reputation in the past few years as health-conscious people have a lot to say about their amazing health benefits. Although the benefits of the good bacteria found in yogurt have been known since ages, recent...

/ July 5, 2018

Empowering Your Future: 8 Reasons to Start Your Recovery Today Instead of Waiting

Excuses are the currency of those who have no control over their lives. They come quickly and flow naturally from the mouths of those who are unable to stand, think, and act for themselves. For addicts, in particular, it is...

/ July 5, 2018

11 Ways to Eliminate Stress from Your Life

Basically, each one of us has a lot of issues to face each and every day of our life. Mostly, those issues shall be related to your family, friends, home, pets, job, finance, business, etc. Repeated thoughts about the threats...

/ July 4, 2018

8 Types of Meat You Should Eat for a Healthier Lifestyle

In the United States, meat is a staple diet. Americans are said to consume $142 billion worth of beef annually. Among the different types of meat available in the market, beef consumption is the highest due to the reduction in...

/ July 1, 2018

4 reasons why junk food is like crack for your brain

The sight of a big piece of yummy brownie oozing with chocolate dripping from its center can make any sugar lover’s knees go weak. The temptation to avoid gulping that piece down is often unbearable. After all, it takes up...

/ July 1, 2018

Health is Wealth: Helpful Tips for Staying Healthy During the Process of Divorce

Going through a divorce is never a casual task. It’s a process which involves a lot of paperwork and giving away or dividing shared property. It’s very stressful for the whole family, especially if you have children. It’s not surprising...

/ June 28, 2018
young men using mobile phone

Talking Text Neck: Do Smartphones Cause Neck Pain?

If you’re reading this, it’s probably on your smart phone. And your chin is probably crammed into your neck, with elbows bent at your sides, and your shoulders hunched forward. This is the posture just about every single person inhabits...

/ June 28, 2018