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Why Every Fitness Consultant Needs Liability Insurance

Becoming a Fitness Consultant is a long, rigorous process, and opening your own Consulting business is an even bigger development in your career. Through a combination of your knowledge and expertise and confidence to work independently, you can be sure...

/ October 29, 2018

A Balanced Life: Fitness And Self-Care

It can be hard just to get through the day sometimes; after eight grueling work hours, the last thing you feel like doing is hitting the gym. But we’re looking at it all wrong; exercise need not be a chore....

/ September 26, 2018

5 Fitness Hacks if You Work in an Office

Lots of people have nice cushy jobs where they work in an office and get to sit at a computer all day. Much better than digging ditches or cutting timber, right? In some ways, yes, but a lot of research...

/ September 13, 2018

How to Achieve your Fitness Goals in 6 Months

Your Guide to Setting SMART Goals and Achieving Them If you want to achieve your health and fitness goals, it is essential that you’re able to maintain your motivation, consistency and enthusiasm throughout your journey. Success in any field doesn’t...

/ July 17, 2018

When Fitness Stops Being Beneficial and Starts to Take a Toll

Fitness and athletics are a large part of our society and many people actively participate in them. While engaging in physical exercise promotes health and wellness, without the right attitude and appreciation, they can ultimately have the opposite effect. It's...

/ May 14, 2018

The Best Backpacking Locations For The Ultimate Fitness

Over the last few years, many said goodbye to luxurious and costly travels and embraced the backpacking style. Backpack travel is just what the words mean: traveling with a backpack containing all your essentials. It’s indeed low-cost and independent, and...

/ April 3, 2018

7 Great Ways to Improve Body Fitness

Physical fitness is desired by many people. However, it does not come easily. For you to achieve body fitness, you must work for it. They say no pain, no gain. You should therefore be prepared to feel pain so that...

/ April 15, 2017

Why You Should Avoid Skipping Your Daily Workout

Does this scenario sound familiar: You skip one workout session that leads to three months of avoiding gym altogether, leaving you out of shape and gasping for air simply walking to the car? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. No matter...

/ December 6, 2016