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How does snoring affect your sleep quality and how to snore less

Good sleep quality is a precondition for normal functioning of every human being. If you don’t get enough sleep, you would feel tired all day. Then you would fall asleep and the fatigue of the yesterday will produce snoring. After...

/ October 17, 2018
opiod crisis

How Technology Has Enabled The Opioid Crisis

The crisis of addiction to opioids is currently sweeping the nation, much like crack cocaine during the 1980s. It's a terrible crisis that carries a high mortality rate and is spreading rapidly to all corners of the nation. However, why...

/ October 6, 2018

Be the Best You Can Be: How Regular Massage Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

When you look into the future, you imagine the best version of yourself. Like everyone else, you hope to be happy, successful and fulfilled by achieving the goals you set for yourself. To get to this place, you need to...

/ September 7, 2018

How Much Caffeine Does Matcha Green Tea Have?

Whether you drink four cups of coffee a day or avoid caffeine entirely, it’s good to know exactly what caffeinated drinks are putting into your body. Enter matcha, the super tea that does wonders for your health. Like any tea,...

/ August 28, 2018

How Air Conditioning Can Benefit Your Health And Sleep

Air conditioners are beyond useful during the hot summer months. They help to keep your house cool during the humid and hot months, to make the heat more bearable. Air conditioners also serve a higher purpose other than helping you...

/ July 31, 2018
Girl sleeping

Beauty Sleep is Not a Myth! Here’s How It Works

Has someone told you that you look like you need some beauty sleep? Perhaps, the dark circles around your eyes and your drab-looking skin gave you away. Poor sleep, after all, does make one appear less attractive to others, according...

/ July 17, 2018
Sad older lady

How Dementia and Diabetes are connected

If you or a loved one is suffering from type 2 diabetes, it is even more necessary to get yourself tested for dementia. According to a recent research, diabetes shows a consistent risk factor for cognitive decline, mild cognitive impairment...

/ January 24, 2018

How Sports Builds Mental And Physical Health

Besides being fun and refreshing, sports has many long term advantages that go hand in hand with your lifestyle. It controls diabetes, lowers down the cholesterol levels, improves cardiovascular health and reduces depression. It brings out the positivity in your...

/ July 20, 2017
Healthy Mouth

How Healthy Mouths Benefit Your Body

Did you know that your mouth and your body benefit each other in many ways? This doesn’t just mean food is digested beginning in the mouth. The health of your mouth and your body are dependent on each other. According...

/ March 21, 2017