Month: July 2018


Teaching Healthy Habits to Your Kids Can Help Them to Avoid Addictions

Kids nowadays have the access to everything--they have smartphones on their hands, headphones on their ears, and friends outside their home. These influences are difficult to control as they grow up, as adolescents become more secretive towards their parents. It's...

/ July 31, 2018
Skin Tags

The Right Ways to Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags are elongated structures of skin tissue that grow on the surface of the skin. These growths are painless and do not warrant medical treatment until they become injured or bleed after suffering external trauma. The most prominent locations...

/ July 31, 2018

Innovative Plant-Based Dishes for Diners

Restaurant customers today want healthy options on their menus, so plant-based and vegan dishes are a great choice. You can bring in a new round of customers with the help of a little green on your list of dinners, appetizers...

/ July 31, 2018

Cut Kitchen Waste with Root to Stem Cooking

It's a sad fact that restaurants contribute to the millions of pounds of food that are thrown away each year. The most worrisome part of this is that a large percentage of this food waste is still edible — which...

/ July 31, 2018

Easy Menu Adaptations for Paleo Diners

The paleo diet is becoming increasingly popular for health-conscious individuals. Simply meaning ancient, the Paleo diet, developed by Dr. Loren Cordain, is based on mimicking the diet humans ate in the paleolithic age, sometimes called “the caveman diet.” This is...

/ July 31, 2018

How Air Conditioning Can Benefit Your Health And Sleep

Air conditioners are beyond useful during the hot summer months. They help to keep your house cool during the humid and hot months, to make the heat more bearable. Air conditioners also serve a higher purpose other than helping you...

/ July 31, 2018

Easy Peanut Butter CBD Dog Treat Recipes

Dogs love treats - that’s a fact. With all their devoted love and affection they deserve the best! Homemade dog treats are just one of the many rewards we can give our furry little friends. Here’s a few great and...

/ July 31, 2018

Tips on Healthy Eating as You Age

A healthy diet is as important during your twilight years as it is when you’re young. But if you’re like most of the aging population, you can’t eat like you once could. Your appetite might be less robust and your...

/ July 31, 2018

Hot Tips: How to Deal with Uninvited House Guests

Guests stay for only a short period of time. This means that sooner or later they will leave. However, some of these guests are usually uninvited and does not inform us prior to their visit. All the same, being kind...

/ July 30, 2018

5 Exercises You Should Do Every Day – For A Better Life

As a specialist in exercise-based recuperation, I see many patients for a variety of reasons. Beyond any doubt there are some with sprains, strains, knocks, and wounds, however, would it amaze you to hear that by far most of the...

/ July 30, 2018