7 Things that make the back pain worse and how to avoid them

Back pain has become an epidemic. According to the American Chiropractic Association, about 50% of working Americans admit to experiencing back pain every year. Moreover, about 80% of the American population experiences back pain at one point in their life....

/ January 10, 2018

Slumbering Myths: 10 Common Myths about Sleep That You Need to Know

Falling asleep can be so difficult for many people, and most of us like to dish out reasons about why this is. Science-backed explanations make it clear about why people have difficulty in sleeping, but some of us still support...

/ January 5, 2018

Diet/Foods for Healthy Skin

While few would argue that proper nutrition is necessary for the health of major organs, the skin’s health is rarely mentioned within this context. As it turns out, the foods you put into your body can have just as significant...

/ January 4, 2018

Knowing Your Status: How and When to Get Tested for HIV

Have you ever had one of those years where you came down with cold after cold, or had a flu virus that lingered for weeks and wouldn’t go away? If you have, you have firsthand experience of what it feels...

/ January 4, 2018

10 Natural Signs Your Parents Need Home Care

Growth and old age is a natural phenomenon that cannot be avoided. Have to lately noticed your mom telling you same things repeatedly or your dad being annoyed at littlest of things? Chances are that your parents are growing old...

/ January 4, 2018

How Can A Mattress Topper Revitalize Your Mattress & Sleep?

So you want to know how you can revitalize your old mattress using a mattress topper. Your long search ends here. You have come to the right place and I will show you how a mattress topper can improve the...

/ January 4, 2018

Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol

According to statistics, pedestrians or drivers who are intoxicated are involved in a 32% of fatal vehicle crashes, if not more. In addition, a positive drug test was also given by 3952 of the drivers who were fatally injured. The...

/ January 3, 2018
Woman helping elderly man with cane

Get to Know Your Mobility Aids

If you have difficulties walking or moving around, do not fret. There are various types of mobility aids that can assist with your movement and allow you to get around easily with greater independence. Mobility aids are also called ambulation...

/ January 2, 2018
Seniors Drinking Water After Fitness In Park

Falls and the Risk They Pose to the Elderly

You probably don’t spend your days looking forward to the opportunity to fall down. It is inevitable that at some point in your life that you will experience a slip, trip, or fall. However, as you age there are some...

/ December 22, 2017
face of vaping young man

How To Maintain Good Health After Years Of Electronic Cigarette Smoking

So now that you’ve finally decided to quit electronic cigarette smoking, the next thing to do is to find out how to stay healthy. Now remember, even though you’ve been smoking for how many years, you still have the chance...

/ December 15, 2017