Post-Pregnancy Diet: How to Shed Baby Belly Fat

Having a baby is a beautiful thing that fills your life with joy and miracles on daily basis. Moreover, although it’s a challenge to be a mother, it is also rewarding in many ways. However, after the birth it’s not...

/ May 15, 2018

6 Various Types of Foot Diseases Treated in A Foot Clinic

Podiatry is a branch of medicine deals with the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the foot and the lower extremities of the human body. A foot clinic provides treatment for a plethora of foot diseases. These clinics are...

/ May 15, 2018

Impact of Poor Posture On Your Body and Tips For Fixing It

In today’s hectic world, living a pain-free life is a big challenge. It’s easier to achieve your professional goals when compared to maintaining a healthy body. We take out time for everything but fail to give that much-needed attention to...

/ May 15, 2018

Best Ways To Stay Healthy and Stress-Free In The Modern Age

We all wish to have a healthy, stress-free life but we are not doing much to gain that. Excuses like, it’s too expensive to leave a healthy life or I don’t have the time, should not stand in your way....

/ May 15, 2018
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Addiction In The USA: The Stats

Addiction can be one of the toughest experiences for both addicts, and those close to them. This can make it a very personal and emotional time for most. So, it can see counter intuitive for most to look outward towards...

/ May 15, 2018

The Body Cleanser! Food does cleanse

Just the way, food helps the body to gain minerals and vitamins (mineraler og vitaminer), it also helps us detoxify the body of all the extra substances. While having a regular body cleanse is an essential for a healthy body...

/ May 15, 2018
10 Myths Surrounding Vertigo

Top 10 Myths Surrounding Vertigo

There are many people who have experienced dizziness and imbalance issues, and only a handful of them know about vertigo. Related to this, there are even some myths about vertigo that fails to distinguish it from other imbalance disorders. Reading...

/ May 14, 2018

When Fitness Stops Being Beneficial and Starts to Take a Toll

Fitness and athletics are a large part of our society and many people actively participate in them. While engaging in physical exercise promotes health and wellness, without the right attitude and appreciation, they can ultimately have the opposite effect. It's...

/ May 14, 2018

Here’s The 7 Day Meal Plan For Instant Weight Loss

Trying hard to lose your extra pounds and have tried many methods for this? I know digging up those sad veggies and the boring low-carb food is a big hurdle. But wait! You don’t need to. Today I will tell...

/ May 14, 2018

Alkaline Water And Weight Loss – The Truth And What You Should Know

The world is absolutely filled with people that would love to be able to lose a substantial amount of weight. Unfortunately, the mass majority of these individuals have done everything in their power to try and lose weight only to...

/ May 11, 2018